About us

In 2014 the Growing Leaders Foundation was the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the GEF Small Grants Programme of UNDP. The grant, among other objectives, included the planting of over 350 trees across TnT in Schools, Universities, NGO lands and other lands suffering degredation or slippage. The first tree was planted behind the Laventille Community centre with local youth from that community. It is cared for by Angostura that maintains that land. Each GLF tree planted contained in it’s roots the hopes and dreams of TnT youth that was part of a ritual ceremony with each tree planting at primary schools.

While planting the trees it became obvious to the Foundation that a country-wide platform documenting trees of TnT was crucial to their survival and care. The Foundation then took it upon itself to build this platform and will continue to work with local schools and agricultural/ forests organisations to continue it’s work in preserving trees and the shade it will bring for generations to come.